Ep 95 Karen Finocchio ‘One Tough Muther - Develop Mental Toughness

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Are you ready to be one tough mUther!? Working out, using our muscles, and looking good are very important things. However, mental fitness is something that is just as important, but often not talked enough about. As a single mom, taking care of four children, Karen Finocchio knows a thing or two about developing mental strength. Karen, the host of the wildly popular “One Tough Muther” podcast is helping women everywhere develop this same mental strength.

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Many women face huge battles and feel alone. Karen is on a mission to unite women through the common bond of finding purpose through their real life stories. In this episode, we discuss the fears she faced during the hardest points of her life and how she overcame them. We also talked about how to take baby steps towards your goals, serving others in our work, and being in alignment with your purpose. Whether you are a single mom, dealing with an illness, or have a difficult past that is hard to mentally break free from, this episode will encourage you to dig deep and become a tough muther.

Questions I Asked Karen:

  • What did you discover about yourself after you left your marriage?

  • What was the catalyst that gave you the confidence to leave?

  • What was the most life changing episode that you had on your podcast?

Topics Discussed:

  • How to handle criticism and doubt from family and friends.

  • How to own our calling and not second guess it.

  • How to find support when you feel alone.

Quotes from the show:

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Linda Mitchell

Linda Mitchell is more than qualified to help women reach a point of empowerment . As an Institute of Integrative Nutrition graduate, an award-winning fitness competitor, and elite obstacle racer. she collaborated on the fitness portion of the book “Fat Flush for Life” with mentor and New York Times Best Selling author Ann Louise Gittleman. This book was listed in Time magazine as one of the top ten diet books for 2009. As a former columnist for 12 years for Ms. Fitness magazine, Linda decided to put everything into a book and it really evolved and became “The Sisterhood of S.W.E.A.T.”.  Her book and the studio are all about helping women build confidence and self-esteem and learning to feel 100% great about themselves.    

Mitchell launched The Chickfit Studio in 2013. She says “At Chickfit, our priority is building women’s self-confidence. Our belief is that their newfound self-love will transfer into giving support and love to one another. Self-improvement equals empowerment.”

Mitchell was inspired to open The Chickfit Studio after she found that deep down in her heart she wanted to do something that was worthwhile and made real, lasting changes in people’s lives. She opened The Chickfit Studio after working as a group fitness director and personal trainer for about 25 years.