Ep 105 Ms Bikini Pro Heather Messenger -There Is A Warrior Inside Of You

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Have you ever struggled with your self-image or feel that you don’t know if you have the strength to own yourself?  Whether it be mental or physical, finding your strength can be difficult at best, and when dealing with postpartum psychosis or depression, it can be even more frustrating.  If you feel trapped with these heavy issues, there is a way out, and we talk about it in this episode from one who has been through it.

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Heather Messenger is a Ms. Bikini Universe Pro. She experienced a heart attack at just 18 and then struggled with her weight.  Years later after giving birth to her child she experienced postpartum psychosis. Through fitness and exercise she began to change her mental and physical state.  She truly believes in helping women understand their underlying strength and supporting women to reach their full potential. She also is a proponent for bringing awareness to multiple issues that women experience during the postpartum phase.

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Questions I asked:

  • What have you gained from your fitness journey?

  • What advice do you have for new moms dealing with postpartum depression?

  • How do you think we can overcome the negative?

  • How were you able to build up your confidence?

Topics Discussed:

  • How inner beauty has to be developed first.

  • How to deal with postpartum depression and psychosis.

  • The importance of your own value.

  • How to build yourself up.

  • Why surrounding yourself with the right people matters.

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Quotes from the show:

  • “Beauty comes from the inside out.” @LindaMitchell

  • “When you have confidence you won’t stand for abuse.” @LindaMitchell

  • “Monitor your thoughts.” @LindaMitchell

  • “You are not alone.”  @HeatherMesseng3

  • “There’s only one you on this earth.” @HeatherMesseng3

  • “Circumstance you’ve been through don’t change your value.” @HeatherMesseng3

  • “You are priceless.” @HeatherMesseng3

  • “Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up.” @HeatherMesseng3

  • “There’s a warrior inside of you.” HeatherMesseng3

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Linda Mitchell

Linda Mitchell is more than qualified to help women reach a point of empowerment . As an Institute of Integrative Nutrition graduate, an award-winning fitness competitor, and elite obstacle racer. she collaborated on the fitness portion of the book “Fat Flush for Life” with mentor and New York Times Best Selling author Ann Louise Gittleman. This book was listed in Time magazine as one of the top ten diet books for 2009. As a former columnist for 12 years for Ms. Fitness magazine, Linda decided to put everything into a book and it really evolved and became “The Sisterhood of S.W.E.A.T.”.  Her book and the studio are all about helping women build confidence and self-esteem and learning to feel 100% great about themselves.    

Mitchell launched The Chickfit Studio in 2013. She says “At Chickfit, our priority is building women’s self-confidence. Our belief is that their newfound self-love will transfer into giving support and love to one another. Self-improvement equals empowerment.”

Mitchell was inspired to open The Chickfit Studio after she found that deep down in her heart she wanted to do something that was worthwhile and made real, lasting changes in people’s lives. She opened The Chickfit Studio after working as a group fitness director and personal trainer for about 25 years.