What are a 1000 Salads Worth? Self-Worth?

Sarah Lyons Photo

Sarah Lyons Photo

This is such a common theme I thought I would write a blog post about it. We all suffer sometimes from lack of motivation and struggle with feeling lost. It's hard to get back on track because we may have failed and we feel like well why bother I tried so hard and now I'm back to square one. You know the feeling that because we may have failed we are failures. Well no, that's not it at all.  You know those eggs are already scrambled. So don't focus on the fact you didn't reach your goal or believe that you are never going to. Instead, find a new way to go about it and forget about yesterday.  You have to let go of your failures to be able to rise to new beginnings. Every real change comes from the inside out. Work on your mindset, realizing there is no perfect. There is no place you arrive where you will never make a mistake again.  Yes, some of your choices are what got you here. So you had a snickers bar, get over it. Even if you eat 1000 salads, the people that love you don't love you because you're perfect, they love you because of how you make them feel. Stop focusing inwards on supposed flaws and shine your light outwards. Sometimes we become so self-focused that it causes us to lose sight. Love yourself just the way you are. We are all created with a unique purpose. We are all special. So what you failed, you didn't lose 10 pounds. Did the world come to an end? Did you die? Kick self-doubt and fear to the curb and try again. Believe in yourself, we all have a gift to give

 Stop tying your worth as a person to what you weigh. Is that how you estimate someone's value? Is that why you love someone because of what they weigh? Take Santa Claus for instance he is one of the most loved characters. Oprah Winfrey has had her struggles with weight loss, yet she is one of the most significant women in history. Embrace yourself; believe in your value, be it big, small, or tall. If you want to achieve a certain look, well get busy and get to work on it. I just want you to remember all that starts from within.  Love yourself today from the inside out. If you're critical of yourself, you will be critical of others. When you don't love yourself, it's hard to be there for others. Sometimes the feeling maybe like oh gosh my friends are all happily married or they all have boyfriends and girlfriends. Nobody wants to go out with me anymore. What's wrong with me? Well you can look at it that way, but I have a better solution then worrying, blaming, or shaming yourself. How about I’m lucky to have this time in my life where I can do what I want to do and go for the dreams I have. I have nothing to tie me down. I can go out have fun and I don't have anyone I have to answer to. Because, trust me, a lot of those friends, by statistics, unfortunately maybe married and divorced within five years and or they may not be so happily married. It's easy to compare ourselves and think that someone else has a better or greater life and don’t suffer the way that we do. I'm pretty sure if you think about it, you can find some things to be grateful about.

You've got to stop focusing on the problems and start working on the solutions to what you are sad about. "Everything is figureoutable" as Marie Folero would say. Don't focus on where you're at or where you've been. Focus on where you're going to go and put your energy into that, because you only have so much energy, so you need to decide how you're going to spend it, feeling sorry for yourself or reaching forward into your goals.


Linda Mitchell

Linda Mitchell is more than qualified to help women reach a point of empowerment . As an Institute of Integrative Nutrition graduate, an award-winning fitness competitor, and elite obstacle racer. she collaborated on the fitness portion of the book “Fat Flush for Life” with mentor and New York Times Best Selling author Ann Louise Gittleman. This book was listed in Time magazine as one of the top ten diet books for 2009. As a former columnist for 12 years for Ms. Fitness magazine, Linda decided to put everything into a book and it really evolved and became “The Sisterhood of S.W.E.A.T.”.  Her book and the studio are all about helping women build confidence and self-esteem and learning to feel 100% great about themselves.    

Mitchell launched The Chickfit Studio in 2013. She says “At Chickfit, our priority is building women’s self-confidence. Our belief is that their newfound self-love will transfer into giving support and love to one another. Self-improvement equals empowerment.”

Mitchell was inspired to open The Chickfit Studio after she found that deep down in her heart she wanted to do something that was worthwhile and made real, lasting changes in people’s lives. She opened The Chickfit Studio after working as a group fitness director and personal trainer for about 25 years.