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You've gotta grab hold of life with both hands because it is all too soon over. Life is short! LIVE, BREATH, GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY!

I've decided you can't make everyone happy and you free yourself of a lot of stress, grief, and worry when you focus on what you can control, which is making yourself happy.

Recently I had someone ask me why I do fitness when I'm 52 and not a gymnast? I guess they thought I was out of my league with 22 year olds. Well guess they didn't know, I'm in a league of my own called FEISTY!

Why do I do Fitness Competitions? Fitness Universe

Here are some of my reasons:
1. I started late and I'm just hitting my stride:)
2. I can do a 1-arm plange, the splits, and all sorts of crazy things and you know what it makes me FEEL GOOD!
3. I feel younger every year instead of older
4. I like feeling good in my own skin
5. I think being challenged makes you grow
6, I love the journey, I'm excited to wake up each and every day striving to be a better me.
7. I've experience that pushing myself keeps me feeling young and breeds confidence.
8. I improve each and every year and learn new skills.
9. I love being amazed by all of the other women and being a part of something greater then me:)

I think its important for people to realize age is a mind-set and staying vital is really all about pushing forward and setting goals regardless of the outcome. When you reach for something you are one step closer to it and one step further away from where you used to be. Until all of the sudden you're on this journey and its called AMAZING!

The heck with worrying about what other people think! AMAZE yourself! Celebrate yourself each and every day by getting out their and living your life unabashedly, unapologetic-ally, being your AUTHENTIC SELF! LIVE LOUD!