LindaLu's Ultimate Challenge

Linda-Lu's Ultimate Challenge

With the healthcare crisis upon us, I thought this would be a timely and relevant blog post.

Western medicine generally speaking only looks at the symptom of what’s wrong and then slaps a medicine on their patients that have side effects 10 times worse than the problem. Now with the affordable health care bill (that wording alone is a joke) our healthcare is about to go through the roof.

So I must ask this question, have you ever considered taking charge of your own health? I for one do not want to leave my health in the hands of the federal government. I am 51 and I'm not on medication of any kind, by choice I go to a holistic doctor which I pay for out of pocket. My holistic doctor always gives natural solutions. I truly believe a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I eat a whole foods diet and stay away from anything overly processed as much as possible and I make sure to break a sweat daily.

Most chronic disease can be prevented by just managing what goes in your mouth. Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Obesity and cigarette induced Lung cancer in many cases are entirely preventable. I heard this statement somewhere recently and wholeheartedly agree, "Food is the most abused anxiety drug and exercise the most underutilized anti-depressant."  The alternative is also true; food can be your medicine and exercise your drug. It is worth taking the time to be mindful of what you eat.   Your healthy meals aren't just going to magically appear for you, so you must be intentional with what you do.  I ask people all the time where they live, and they reply with an address but the reality is we live in our body and that is the home we better take care of.

The real truth about healthcare is it starts with you. Be your own best friend.  Make the choice today to take your power back and begin investing your time into doing your own research on the benefits and healing properties of natural food.  I personally invite you to join my 6 weeks Whole Foods Challenge, where the focus is better health and weight loss is just a by-product.  Make your self-health a priority. Any age rocks when you’re healthy and you fuel your body with natural substances.  Reach your goals and your dreams naturally... by cutting all of the crap out of your diet and breaking a sweat daily. LindaLu's Ultimate Challenge Starts October 21st. Message me for details.