Surfs Up!

When I turned 50, it’s like I woke up one morning to the realization that my life was half way over. I thought to myself if I’m going to do something, now is the time to do it. I consciously made the decision to take ownership for my life and do the things I've always dreamed of.  The first thing I decided to do, was to stop making excuses why I couldn't do the things that I wanted to do.  The next step I took was to stop blaming others for holding me back.  Instead I began saying these kinds of statements to myself: “I want this and I’m worthy of it. If there is an obstacle in my way I am going to overcome it. This is my life and I’m going to live it, not be controlled any longer by what others think I should or should not do.”

I made a bucket list of everything I had ever dreamed of doing and began marking things off my list. The list goes something like this.  I went surfing, white water rafting, completed a Navy Seal Obstacle Course, rode the New York Subway, took a pole dancing class, signed up for school at Integrative Nutrition, entered a National fitness Competition, trademarked a name for my business and started my own bikini team. The year isn't up yet, next week I'm going to Philly to run "The ROCKY stairs".  I have to admit I was afraid at first whether I would be able to balance it all, but the time passes anyway why not go for your dreams?

When I took my first surfing lesson I smiled ear to ear the entire time!  I was having so much fun just trying to get up on the surf board it didn't matter if I got up." Yes, you bet your sweet bippy I did get up! Surfing was a total blast. You know a lot of times all the fun is just in going for it, making the attempt to do something 


I am now a graduate of The Institute Of Integrative Nutrition. I placed 3 times in The Top 5 at Fitness America at Age 50. I am the CEO of CHICKFIT and will be competing again in November with my lovely CHICKFIT Bikini Team.

Being beautiful to me is going after life the way you were meant to live it, FULLY and authentically.  You can be the author of your life. Age is just a number; you can define what you want to be, by what choose to do.

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