Let me help you make wellness a priority by addressing some of the most common concerns that people have when starting an exercise regimen.

Who Is The CHICKFIT Program For?

  • Women of all ages and fitness levels
  • Those who want support
  • Those not afraid of hard work
  • Those willing to try something new
  • Those  who like to sweat
  • Those who want results
  • Those who want to break through a plateau
  • Those who need the motivation of working out in a group
  • Those who want a more challenging workout
  • The focused individual

1. Will I be able to keep up? 

Even though you will be working out in a group atmosphere you will be encouraged to work at your own pace. We have women at all levels of physical fitness so you will fit right in.

2. What if I can't afford it?

I have created a personal training experience and made it more accessible by reducing costs in a group. 

3. Am I too old for this?

Fitness doesn’t know your age. Don't let a number on the calendar decide your fitness abilities. I have 60 year old participants that jump rope do pull-ups and burpees. It’s more a matter of starting with what you can do now and building on that. 

4. Will someone get in my space or my face?

No one at ChickFit will get up in your grill, instead you will be motivated through group support, loads of encouragement, and knowledge.

5. I have no time.

Your family, career, or significant other does not need you around every hour of the day but they might like to have you around longer. It isn't always about quantity of time its more about quality.

6. I'm so overweight it's hopeless.

Losing weight is never hopeless; I have personally witnessed as well as aided people with many amazing transformations.

7.  I'm doomed, it’s in the family genes.

Your genetics don't have to be your fate. Exercise, eating right, and reducing stress go a long way towards creating a new vision for yourself. 


ChickFit is for anyone who wants to live young!