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What clients are saying about the Sisterhood of SWEAT!

Michelle Kappas says "I was always believing in these articles that said something like; do these 10 things and you will be in shape, or try these five moves to get great glutes. There are no 10 simple things that are going to get you in shape. The one thing that I've learned in the last two weeks is that little things don't work, and that if you want to achieve something, you have to jump in with both feet. The other thing I've learned is its OK to be uncomfortable. I was all about feeling comfortable all the time and now I found out that you just have to push through. You will be uncomfortable, and it's okay."

We invite you to get fit with us and join the ChickFit Sisterhood of Sweat!

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At the Chickfit Studio, we focus on specialized training and classes unlike any others around; including group bootcamp, boxing, yoga, and Kangaroo Kardio, as well as one-on-one sessions, or small group sessions.

Our training programs will enable you to lose weight, boost your metabolism, gain muscle tone, and improve your overall health and appearance!

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